Supplementary files for the paper “A Broadband Inline Transition from On-PCB Microstrip to Hybrid Stack-up Integrated Additively Fabricated Air-Filled Waveguide”

A MATLAB script developed for the automatic generation of microstrip-to-waveguide broadband transitions is available for download ERRATA for TMTT-2023-07-1024 During the final layout setting of the papers, Fig. 11 and Fig. 12 got lost. Thus they are provided below for the completeness of the submission. (a) (b) Fig. 11.…

Short-term positions for students within prof. Wincza`s Sonata Bis grant

There is an opening for 4 short-term positions within the “High-performance mm-wave front-end components exploiting additive manufacturing processes for the next-generation of communication and sensing system”. For details, please contact prof. Wincza. Application deadline: September 18th, 2020.