Prof. Wincza with National Science Centre grant in the Sonata Bis 9 program

Prof. Krzysztof Wincza, a member of the MTaHFE research group received a research grant High-performance mm-wave front-end components exploiting additive manufacturing processes for the next-generation of communication and sensing system from the National Science Center in the Sonata Bis 9 program.

SONATA BIS is addressed to people with at least a doctoral degree obtained in the period from 5 to 12 years before the year of submitting the application. The aim of the competition is to establish a new research team, in which, apart from the project manager, there may not be people with a postdoctoral degree or an academic title.

The researcher applying for the SONATA BIS 9 call had to demonstrate from 1 to 10 scientific papers published in the last 10 years, of which he attached 1 to 3 most important papers to the application. Projects to be implemented under SONATA BIS may last 36, 48 or 60 months. Financing with a total value of over PLN 166 million will receive 74 out of 404 submitted projects.

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