Supplementary files for the paper “A Broadband Inline Transition from On-PCB Microstrip to Hybrid Stack-up Integrated Additively Fabricated Air-Filled Waveguide”

A MATLAB script developed for the automatic generation of microstrip-to-waveguide broadband transitions is available for download

ERRATA for TMTT-2023-07-1024

During the final layout setting of the papers, Fig. 11 and Fig. 12 got lost. Thus they are provided below for the completeness of the submission.



Fig. 11. Measured S-parameters of the fabricated (a) TR-A and (b) TR-B demonstrators (solid lines) along with EM simulated data (dashed lines) overlaid.

Fig. 12. Calculated per-transition power loss of the fabricated TR-A and TR-B demonstrators with coax-to-MS transitions loss de-embedded (solid lines) and as measured (dashed lines). Coax to MS transition losses overlayed.

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