Prof. Wincza, Dr. Piekarz and Dr. Sorocki with National Agency for Academic Exchange grants in the Bekker program

The National Agency for Academic Exchange informed on 23.12.2019 that the second call for proposals in the Bekker has been settled. Scholarships covering the costs of staying in renowned research centers abroad will receive 126 best Applicants. Three of them are members of the MTaHFE research group: Dr. Jakub Sorocki, Dr. Ilona Piekarz and Prof. Krzysztof Wincza.

The aim of the Program is to support scientists and academic teachers employed in Polish universities and research units in pursuit of scientific excellence by enabling them to undergo a post-doctoral internship, conduct scientific research or obtain materials for scientific work in renowned foreign centers on a scholarship basis. Trips lasting from 3 to 24 months will allow them to stay in recognized scientific teams, implement projects together with outstanding scientists from abroad and establish long-term cooperation.

Jakub Sorocki and Ilona Piekarz will be visiting the Georia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA for 6 months while Krzysztof Wincza will be visiting the Incheon National University, Incheon, South Korea for 3 months.

From among the applications selected for funding, the largest group are researchers in natural sciences (43), social sciences (29) and engineering and technical sciences (28). 13 scientists will implement projects in the medical sciences and also 13 in the humanities. In turn, the most popular destinations are the United States (29), Great Britain (16), Germany (15), France (7) and the Netherlands (7).

Of the 457 applications submitted under the call, 449 successfully passed the formal assessment procedure and were sent for substantive assessment. As a result of the pre-selection, 246 applications were recommended for the next stage of substantive assessment. The final substantive assessment consisted of two external reviewers and an evaluation team appointed by the NAWA Director.

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