Dr. Sorocki with Foundation for Polish Science START stipend for Young Researchers

Dr. Jakub Sorocki, a member of the MTaHFE research group received the START scholarships from the Foundation for Polish Science in the 2020 edition being one of the 100 competition winners.

The Start program is directed to young researchers, at the outset of their career, who have already achieved some success in their field. The stipends serve as recognition of the scientific attainments so far by these young scholars and as an incentive for further growth by enabling them to devote themselves fully to their research.

Starting from 2010 edition, the stipends for the competition winners who obtained the top marks in each of three fields—the humanities and social sciences, the natural sciences and medicine, and the exact and technical sciences. The stipends for these beneficiaries are financed with money the FNP receives from donations to public benefit organizations (1% of personal income tax). The stipends of beneficiaries who win special recognition are increased – in previous years they amounted to PLN 36,000.

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